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Universal dev environment setup scripts (for Mac and Windows WSL)


UPDATE - May 2023

I moved the docs and purchasing for this product to a new site at If you purchase there you get instant access to the github with the latest scripts.

You can still purchase here and you will get a zip of the scripts. If you get in touch with me with your github username I'll add you to the repo.


Save 30+ hours configuring your development environment on Mac or Windows.

Do you dread setting up a new computer?

I used to, so I decided to script my entire setup for a new machine. Now I just run a script and go make a coffee!

Save time and have consistent dev environments on every computer!

Scripting your new dev machine setup will save you time and ensure that the configuration is the same every time.

Perfect for a developer or any IT person that has to configure machines for developers.

Beautiful, productive tooling for developers

DevShell scripts will install and configure all of the best modern shell tooling for you from just one command, and it works on Windows or Mac!

When you purchase you get

  • 14 well tested, re-runnable shell scripts that install everything a developer needs. Run on Mac or Windows WSL Ubuntu.
  • Dot files with all of the configuration I use for development, weeks of time spent getting these working on both Mac and Windows!
  • Pre configured, git-aware terminal commands like ls (using exa), git and code syntax highlighting aware cat (using bat).
  • A beautiful shell prompt (Pure prompt) and clean developer fonts, the same on Windows and Mac.
  • Clone all of your repositories to a new computer during setup, fully configurable to suit your environment.
  • The correct structure for dotfile management tools like homeshick (synchronise environment changes on all your computers with a simple command).
  • You get the full source - you can place these in a git repo and edit to suit your needs.
  • Instructions on changing, running and maintain the scripts for your own use.
  • My developer VSCode configuration which has many improvements, e.g. it sets the built-in terminal and fonts to use the same as your shell. Configure VSCode with your favourite extensions, use my list, or edit to suit your own requirements.
  • All of my bash aliases for git and your OS and bash functions.
  • Near-instant searching on the cli with fzf
  • Great developer settings for your global git configuration.
  • Install all the tools you need from brew during setup, use my list or edit to suit your own needs.
  • Own the scripts forever - you get the source and I keep the scripts updated and you can get the latest versions for as long as I update them!

Still not sure?

Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter: @Darraghor

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Set up your next new computer in just one command!

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Full set of scripts. Own them forever. Yours to edit.

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Universal dev environment setup scripts (for Mac and Windows WSL)

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